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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Weird Dreams and Strange Happenings

This has been some week. Monday night I had a dream that I checked Ben in the middle of the night and when I opened his door, I found him on the floor playing. Now Ben is just nine months old and I was thinking "How did he get out of his crib?! He's too young to climb out already!" Then I woke up momentarily and realized right away that I was dreaming. My friend Lisa agreed that in my sub-conscious, I really worry about Ben. Well, after hearing about what his father did as a child and how much Ben looks like and is starting to behave like his daddy, of course, one would worry. Tim's mother always talks about how Tim never gave her much trouble. I just don't know. I mean, according to his mom, Tim had his stomach pumped as a small child no less than 3 times from ingesting toxic items. He was also very adventurous much like Ben is which led to some trouble spots for Tim. Like the times that he started a fire in a lot next to his home. His dog at that time saved his life. Ben also likes water and every time he hears the water running for the bath, he scurries into the bathroom and tries so hard to pull himself into the tub. It's comical yet causes me concern. He loves water but I am so thankful that I don't have a pool to add to my list of worries. I had another weird dream in which we had another baby and since we needed more room for all the car seats, we had to sell the Civic and the 4-Runner. We settled on a Honda Odyssey minivan. I was sad about parting with the 4-Runner but I was enjoying the Odyssey. Then I woke up. Now why I had that dream is beyond me. Possibly because a couple of nights previously Tim boldly announced that he wanted another little Ben. In other words, he wants another baby. I have my hands full enough dealing with Jackie's needs and of course, Ben's. But Jackie really demands more attention whether negative or positive. But I do love her as difficult as it gets sometimes with her.
A strange but funny thing happened the other morning. I gave Ben some cheerios to eat while his sister ate her breakfast before school. After sending Jackie off to school, I took Ben upstairs to change him. When I opened the diaper, I saw that something did not look right. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a lone cheerio right where it should not be. I seriously thought for a moment that some kind of growth had taken over his nether region. Phew, it was just a cheerio. But I could not figure out for the life of me how a cheerio worked its way down there since Ben was wearing a good fitting onesie over the diaper. Whatever. Thank God my boy is okay. And I think Tim is even more thankful.
We met with our realtor last Friday. I want to fire her but Tim says to give her more time. So she suggested an open house for Wednesday (tonight). I reluctantly agree because Tim said let's do it. I had a feeling this would be a flop and it turned out to be a flop. Nobody came for the open house. Unfortunately, I don't think the Realtor advertised it except for a couple of signs that she placed at the entrance just before the scheduled time for the open house. This entire ordeal has been quite frustrating. Tim enjoyed finishing off the wine that I realtor enjoyed during the "open" house. I cannot wait for this contract to expire. We will be researching other realtors. This one just is not doing her job. One nice thing is that Lucy gets to enjoy her little friend a little while longer since I do not foresee us selling this house anytime soon. Lucy's friend, Zeus the Jack Russel terrier, lives across the street but we think that he's trying to move in with us. He is here all the time now and even sneaks right in when somebody opens the door and he just makes himself at home. He is cute, though.
During the "un"open house tonight, we went to the mall where Ben experienced his first ride. He liked it but I think his daddy enjoyed it more. I am posting a picture of that as well as his 9-month photo.
A really nice thing happened this week. I received a package from my friend, Pam, in Florida and it was full of clothes mostly for me and there were some things for the kids. "Auntie Pam" gave Ben is first real big boy toy, a red metal pick-up truck. She also sent him a cute outfit that he will wear next Spring. Jackie got a cute outfit, too, plus a Tampa Bay Rays baseball glove with a soft foam baseball. Thank you, "Auntie" Pam. Jackie loves her glove. It's too big right now but when I put it on her left hand where it belongs, she insisted it was on the wrong hand and that it belonged on the right hand. And Ben loves his red truck. Pam, you're a great friend and we love you.

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