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Sunday, October 12, 2008

We had a busy weekend. Jackie did not have school on Thursday nor Friday and she does not have school tomorrow. I took Jackie and Ben shopping Thursday to find a Halloween costume for Jackie. At first Jackie wanted to be a bumblebee like Ben is going to be but when she saw a Ladybug costume at Target, Jackie decided she would rather be a Ladybug. So, ladybug it is. Unfortunately, the costume Target had was a little too short for Jackie. So we went to a couple of stores in search of a ladybug costume and I could not find one. I finally found one on Friday at the Once Upon a Child. Jackie was excited. Her behavior has been great and she has been a joy to be around. She did have an hour long meltdown on Friday morning but I kept my calm and did not give in to her. Once we got beyond that, Jackie had a very good day. We all went to the Soulard Market in St. Louis on Saturday. After we came home from STL, Tim and I took the kids to a Fall Festival being held at a church down the road from us. When we arrived there, Jackie had to go potty so while I was tending to that duty, Tim took Ben over to the activities. As I headed over to the activities with Jackie, one of the volunteers asked me to fill out a form for a door prize for Jackie. I also filled one out for Ben. They had door prizes for a boy and a girl from 3 different age categories: 0-3, 4-7, and 8-12 years. Since Jackie will be 4 years old in 3 weeks, I went ahead and put her name in the 4-7 category. When I finally caught up with Tim, he told me that he filled out door prize forms for the kids. I did not ask which age group he put Jackie's name in. I did laugh, however, at the unintentional increased chance at a door prize. When it came time to draw names for the door prizes, they started with the 0-3 year old boy category and Ben did not win. Boo. Then they drew a name for the girls and I was not really paying attention and I almost missed that they had called out Jackie's name. It took me a moment to realize that it was my Jackie. She won a Little People ride-on Circus train with little people figures. Thanks to her daddy, Jackie won a prize for Ben since she is a little too old for that particular prize. So, when they pulled a name for the 4-7 year old girl, I prayed that Jackie's name was not called because I did not want to have to explain how Jackie could have won 2 door prizes. Thankfully, Jackie's name was not pulled again. I know this sounds cheap but we are going to hold on to Jackie's prize and give it to Ben for his birthday or for Christmas. I can hear Jackie now, though, when Ben opens his present and Jackie remembers that it was her prize that she won. Jackie does not forget anything. Geez, she still talks about when Lucy went into the pool over a year ago.
Ben was not feeling well today. His temperature was quite high at 104 degrees axillary. Poor little guy. Hopefully, he will feel better tomorrow. Maybe he is teething. It is about time as he is still edentulous.

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