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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update on Ben and The Difference Between Boys & Girls

Ben is doing a little better today. He saw his primary doctor this morning and the doctor said Ben looks good but he did hear some crackling in his lungs which indicated pneumonia. I just need to keep pushing the fluids to ward off dehydration. Ben still is not his normal self and is still experiencing a decreased appetite and low energy. But he did eat some baby puffs late this afternoon and a little bit of dinner this evening. And he is still very clingy. I will be sleeping in my own bed tonight. I slept on some blankets in Ben's room last night and my back is paying for it. So if Ben wakes up screaming tonight, I will just put him in bed with me and Tim.
Jackie knows the difference between boys and girls. Yesterday she caught a glimpse of her daddy getting out of the shower and she said "Daddy, you're a boy!" Kids! As long as she does not find her daddy peeing at the potty instead of on, I think we'll be okay. I can just see it now, she will want to try that, too.
Jackie had another good day today behavior wise. After coming home from school and eating lunch, she played quietly while Ben took a nap and even I was able to take a little nap. I was so proud of Jackie for being such a big girl. She woke me up around 3:00 to announce that she was ready to go to gymnastics. I noticed that she had put her leotard on by herself and she was indeed ready for gymnastics. But we had another hour before it was time. She was so proud that she got her leotard on all by herself. After Jackie's class tonight, I asked her coach when she thinks Jackie will be ready for the next level class. Coach Tracy said that Jackie is so very close and that after the next new session, Jackie should be ready for that next level. I am so proud of Jackie. Since starting gymnastics almost a year ago, she has come so far with her strength as well as her confidence. Her favorite things in gymnastics are the rings and doing her forward rolls. Oh, and the trampoline. She absolutely loves jumping on the long trampoline and jumping into the foam pit at the end.
Jackie is growing up so quickly. It is hard to believe that she will be 4 years old in just a couple of weeks. She keeps reminding me that we are going to Chuck E Cheese's for pizza on her birthday. Like a normal woman, she does not forget anything you tell her. Her poor daddy. He complains that I never forget anything. Now he has another woman who does not forget to contend with.

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