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Friday, October 24, 2008

Jackie is so excited about her birthday coming up next weekend. She even tells everybody that "today is my birthday". At the end of her dance class last Wednesday, Jackie apparently told her teacher that "today is my birthday." I did not hear her but one of the other moms asked me if it was Jackie's birthday to which I replied, "no, but it is in another week and a half." No sooner did I finish saying that when I suddenly heard Jackie's class break out in song to "Happy Birthday". I looked through the observation glass and there is Jackie in the middle of everybody just soaking up the attention given to her. I videotaped her this evening while she was talking to the toys and books in Ben's room. I do not know what she was talking about but when she suddenly realized that I was present, she stopped for a moment, then announced "today's my birthday". After looking at the mess she made of the toys and books, I surmised it up to trying to get out of cleaning it up. Funny girl! She is quite the smart one.

Today was costume day at Ben's playgroup. He looked so cute in his bumblebee outfit. Playgroup is held at the same location where Jackie goes to Early Childhood class. Toward the end of playgroup today, Jackie's teacher brought her over to the playgroup room and Jackie was able to decorate her own cookie before eating it.

Last night, I was witness to one of the most beautiful sunsets.

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