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Monday, October 13, 2008

Ben has pneumonia

Ben has pneumonia. He started feeling feverish yesterday morning and by the afternoon, he was burning up with a 104 degree axillary temperature. I called the doctor on call, who happened to be Ben's primary doctor, and he said to just monitor Ben and give him tylenol and motrin alternating every 4 hours. I did this and Ben's fever kept spiking up. Then last night I had a severe case of insomnia and was wide awake until 5:00 am. I finally dozed off for a couple of hours before everybody started waking up. Later in the morning, Tim took Jackie for a ride on the metrolink into St. Louis so I could get a little bit of rest. Unfortunately, Ben was acting very miserable and I checked his temperature again and it was still very high. Then he started acting lethargic and losing his appetite. So I placed another call to the doctor on call and this time the doctor told me to take Ben to the urgent care clinic. I got Ben to the clinic and waited for 2 hours before we were finally called back to check Ben's vitals. Then we had to wait another 30-45 minutes before we were taken to an exam room. The doctor was very concerned about pneumonia, especially with the spiking fever and the random coughing so he ordered a chest x-ray and sure enough, Ben has pneumonia. The strep culture came back negative. The doctor ordered an injection of Rocephen to get Ben started on the road to recovery. Of course, this was very painful and poor Ben was very upset. Then we were sent home with a prescription for 2 antibiotics for the pneumonia and a cream for a yeast infection in the scrotal area. The doctor was on the fence about even letting me take Ben home and was contemplating admitting Ben to inpatient. Thankfully, he let us go home with orders to call Ben's primary doctor tomorrow morning. The injection Ben received did work as evidenced by Ben's temporary spurt of energy and better appetite. Hopefully, tomorrow Ben will be feeling better. We'll see what the doctor says.
Jackie wants to be a Ladybug for her harvest parade at school. So I took her shopping and we found a Ladybug costume at Once Upon a Child. Jackie was excited. She is also excited that she has a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks which means she gets to have cake. Jackie will be 4 years old. It is so hard to believe and time sure has passed by so quickly. My baby is growing up.

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