Yes, it is!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Jackie is so excited about her birthday coming up next weekend. She even tells everybody that "today is my birthday". At the end of her dance class last Wednesday, Jackie apparently told her teacher that "today is my birthday." I did not hear her but one of the other moms asked me if it was Jackie's birthday to which I replied, "no, but it is in another week and a half." No sooner did I finish saying that when I suddenly heard Jackie's class break out in song to "Happy Birthday". I looked through the observation glass and there is Jackie in the middle of everybody just soaking up the attention given to her. I videotaped her this evening while she was talking to the toys and books in Ben's room. I do not know what she was talking about but when she suddenly realized that I was present, she stopped for a moment, then announced "today's my birthday". After looking at the mess she made of the toys and books, I surmised it up to trying to get out of cleaning it up. Funny girl! She is quite the smart one.

Today was costume day at Ben's playgroup. He looked so cute in his bumblebee outfit. Playgroup is held at the same location where Jackie goes to Early Childhood class. Toward the end of playgroup today, Jackie's teacher brought her over to the playgroup room and Jackie was able to decorate her own cookie before eating it.

Last night, I was witness to one of the most beautiful sunsets.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ben's first tooth

Ben finally has a tooth starting to poke through. I was beginning to wonder if he was going to have any teeth. I should have known that he might be a late bloomer being that his sister was a year old before her first tooth showed. Exciting!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ben is finally getting back to his normal self. His appetite and energy level are back. It is so nice to have my happy little boy back.
Jackie has had a great week. We took her to pajama night at the base library on Thursday night. She enjoyed the story time. The special guest was a bear who Jackie wanted to go see but she did not want to get too close to it. She is getting more brave, though, with the costumed characters. Jackie's birthday is coming up soon and she is so excited. She wants to go to Chuck E Cheese's so Chuck E Cheese it is. She is excited about eating the pizza and playing games. This is a special treat as I can tolerate that place only once or twice a year. It is hard to believe that Jackie will be 4 years old. She is growing up so fast. As difficult as she can be at times, I love her so very much. She loves to sing and I caught her on video again singing her 3 favorite songs. It just warms my heart because she sounds like a little angel when she sings. For her age, she does quite well staying in tune.
The weather here has been beautiful this past week. We have been spending more time outside enjoying this nice weather before it gets too cold. We all went to the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis today and it was a perfect day to enjoy walking around there and looking at the old trains there.

As you can see, I got a little carried away with the videos yesterday.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update on Ben and The Difference Between Boys & Girls

Ben is doing a little better today. He saw his primary doctor this morning and the doctor said Ben looks good but he did hear some crackling in his lungs which indicated pneumonia. I just need to keep pushing the fluids to ward off dehydration. Ben still is not his normal self and is still experiencing a decreased appetite and low energy. But he did eat some baby puffs late this afternoon and a little bit of dinner this evening. And he is still very clingy. I will be sleeping in my own bed tonight. I slept on some blankets in Ben's room last night and my back is paying for it. So if Ben wakes up screaming tonight, I will just put him in bed with me and Tim.
Jackie knows the difference between boys and girls. Yesterday she caught a glimpse of her daddy getting out of the shower and she said "Daddy, you're a boy!" Kids! As long as she does not find her daddy peeing at the potty instead of on, I think we'll be okay. I can just see it now, she will want to try that, too.
Jackie had another good day today behavior wise. After coming home from school and eating lunch, she played quietly while Ben took a nap and even I was able to take a little nap. I was so proud of Jackie for being such a big girl. She woke me up around 3:00 to announce that she was ready to go to gymnastics. I noticed that she had put her leotard on by herself and she was indeed ready for gymnastics. But we had another hour before it was time. She was so proud that she got her leotard on all by herself. After Jackie's class tonight, I asked her coach when she thinks Jackie will be ready for the next level class. Coach Tracy said that Jackie is so very close and that after the next new session, Jackie should be ready for that next level. I am so proud of Jackie. Since starting gymnastics almost a year ago, she has come so far with her strength as well as her confidence. Her favorite things in gymnastics are the rings and doing her forward rolls. Oh, and the trampoline. She absolutely loves jumping on the long trampoline and jumping into the foam pit at the end.
Jackie is growing up so quickly. It is hard to believe that she will be 4 years old in just a couple of weeks. She keeps reminding me that we are going to Chuck E Cheese's for pizza on her birthday. Like a normal woman, she does not forget anything you tell her. Her poor daddy. He complains that I never forget anything. Now he has another woman who does not forget to contend with.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ben has pneumonia

Ben has pneumonia. He started feeling feverish yesterday morning and by the afternoon, he was burning up with a 104 degree axillary temperature. I called the doctor on call, who happened to be Ben's primary doctor, and he said to just monitor Ben and give him tylenol and motrin alternating every 4 hours. I did this and Ben's fever kept spiking up. Then last night I had a severe case of insomnia and was wide awake until 5:00 am. I finally dozed off for a couple of hours before everybody started waking up. Later in the morning, Tim took Jackie for a ride on the metrolink into St. Louis so I could get a little bit of rest. Unfortunately, Ben was acting very miserable and I checked his temperature again and it was still very high. Then he started acting lethargic and losing his appetite. So I placed another call to the doctor on call and this time the doctor told me to take Ben to the urgent care clinic. I got Ben to the clinic and waited for 2 hours before we were finally called back to check Ben's vitals. Then we had to wait another 30-45 minutes before we were taken to an exam room. The doctor was very concerned about pneumonia, especially with the spiking fever and the random coughing so he ordered a chest x-ray and sure enough, Ben has pneumonia. The strep culture came back negative. The doctor ordered an injection of Rocephen to get Ben started on the road to recovery. Of course, this was very painful and poor Ben was very upset. Then we were sent home with a prescription for 2 antibiotics for the pneumonia and a cream for a yeast infection in the scrotal area. The doctor was on the fence about even letting me take Ben home and was contemplating admitting Ben to inpatient. Thankfully, he let us go home with orders to call Ben's primary doctor tomorrow morning. The injection Ben received did work as evidenced by Ben's temporary spurt of energy and better appetite. Hopefully, tomorrow Ben will be feeling better. We'll see what the doctor says.
Jackie wants to be a Ladybug for her harvest parade at school. So I took her shopping and we found a Ladybug costume at Once Upon a Child. Jackie was excited. She is also excited that she has a birthday coming up in a couple of weeks which means she gets to have cake. Jackie will be 4 years old. It is so hard to believe and time sure has passed by so quickly. My baby is growing up.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We had a busy weekend. Jackie did not have school on Thursday nor Friday and she does not have school tomorrow. I took Jackie and Ben shopping Thursday to find a Halloween costume for Jackie. At first Jackie wanted to be a bumblebee like Ben is going to be but when she saw a Ladybug costume at Target, Jackie decided she would rather be a Ladybug. So, ladybug it is. Unfortunately, the costume Target had was a little too short for Jackie. So we went to a couple of stores in search of a ladybug costume and I could not find one. I finally found one on Friday at the Once Upon a Child. Jackie was excited. Her behavior has been great and she has been a joy to be around. She did have an hour long meltdown on Friday morning but I kept my calm and did not give in to her. Once we got beyond that, Jackie had a very good day. We all went to the Soulard Market in St. Louis on Saturday. After we came home from STL, Tim and I took the kids to a Fall Festival being held at a church down the road from us. When we arrived there, Jackie had to go potty so while I was tending to that duty, Tim took Ben over to the activities. As I headed over to the activities with Jackie, one of the volunteers asked me to fill out a form for a door prize for Jackie. I also filled one out for Ben. They had door prizes for a boy and a girl from 3 different age categories: 0-3, 4-7, and 8-12 years. Since Jackie will be 4 years old in 3 weeks, I went ahead and put her name in the 4-7 category. When I finally caught up with Tim, he told me that he filled out door prize forms for the kids. I did not ask which age group he put Jackie's name in. I did laugh, however, at the unintentional increased chance at a door prize. When it came time to draw names for the door prizes, they started with the 0-3 year old boy category and Ben did not win. Boo. Then they drew a name for the girls and I was not really paying attention and I almost missed that they had called out Jackie's name. It took me a moment to realize that it was my Jackie. She won a Little People ride-on Circus train with little people figures. Thanks to her daddy, Jackie won a prize for Ben since she is a little too old for that particular prize. So, when they pulled a name for the 4-7 year old girl, I prayed that Jackie's name was not called because I did not want to have to explain how Jackie could have won 2 door prizes. Thankfully, Jackie's name was not pulled again. I know this sounds cheap but we are going to hold on to Jackie's prize and give it to Ben for his birthday or for Christmas. I can hear Jackie now, though, when Ben opens his present and Jackie remembers that it was her prize that she won. Jackie does not forget anything. Geez, she still talks about when Lucy went into the pool over a year ago.
Ben was not feeling well today. His temperature was quite high at 104 degrees axillary. Poor little guy. Hopefully, he will feel better tomorrow. Maybe he is teething. It is about time as he is still edentulous.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Big, Bad Spider

We had a busy day of showings with our house this past Friday. We had one showing in the morning, one in the afternoon, and another one in the evening. This afternoon, I got feedback from one of the realtors who showed on Friday. Here it goes:
The agent from ReMax that just showed Knightsbridge wanted to let the sellers know that there is a "Spider big enough to ride on" near the playset. Also he couldn't get the back door locked.
Well, I went in search of this big, bad thing and I found and captured the suspected creature. It was big alright and I have the pictures to prove it. I think I am going to offer rides for donations to our children's college funds. Regarding the back door, the agent apparently does not know how to operate a sliding glass door. Ours works just fine.
I just cannot get over the nit picking from the buyers' agents. Everything from too many doors, to chipping paint on the outdoor shed, and now a spider. At least the spider was outside and not inside the house. I do not think that a spider would deter me from potentially buying a house that I like.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Weird Dreams and Strange Happenings

This has been some week. Monday night I had a dream that I checked Ben in the middle of the night and when I opened his door, I found him on the floor playing. Now Ben is just nine months old and I was thinking "How did he get out of his crib?! He's too young to climb out already!" Then I woke up momentarily and realized right away that I was dreaming. My friend Lisa agreed that in my sub-conscious, I really worry about Ben. Well, after hearing about what his father did as a child and how much Ben looks like and is starting to behave like his daddy, of course, one would worry. Tim's mother always talks about how Tim never gave her much trouble. I just don't know. I mean, according to his mom, Tim had his stomach pumped as a small child no less than 3 times from ingesting toxic items. He was also very adventurous much like Ben is which led to some trouble spots for Tim. Like the times that he started a fire in a lot next to his home. His dog at that time saved his life. Ben also likes water and every time he hears the water running for the bath, he scurries into the bathroom and tries so hard to pull himself into the tub. It's comical yet causes me concern. He loves water but I am so thankful that I don't have a pool to add to my list of worries. I had another weird dream in which we had another baby and since we needed more room for all the car seats, we had to sell the Civic and the 4-Runner. We settled on a Honda Odyssey minivan. I was sad about parting with the 4-Runner but I was enjoying the Odyssey. Then I woke up. Now why I had that dream is beyond me. Possibly because a couple of nights previously Tim boldly announced that he wanted another little Ben. In other words, he wants another baby. I have my hands full enough dealing with Jackie's needs and of course, Ben's. But Jackie really demands more attention whether negative or positive. But I do love her as difficult as it gets sometimes with her.
A strange but funny thing happened the other morning. I gave Ben some cheerios to eat while his sister ate her breakfast before school. After sending Jackie off to school, I took Ben upstairs to change him. When I opened the diaper, I saw that something did not look right. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a lone cheerio right where it should not be. I seriously thought for a moment that some kind of growth had taken over his nether region. Phew, it was just a cheerio. But I could not figure out for the life of me how a cheerio worked its way down there since Ben was wearing a good fitting onesie over the diaper. Whatever. Thank God my boy is okay. And I think Tim is even more thankful.
We met with our realtor last Friday. I want to fire her but Tim says to give her more time. So she suggested an open house for Wednesday (tonight). I reluctantly agree because Tim said let's do it. I had a feeling this would be a flop and it turned out to be a flop. Nobody came for the open house. Unfortunately, I don't think the Realtor advertised it except for a couple of signs that she placed at the entrance just before the scheduled time for the open house. This entire ordeal has been quite frustrating. Tim enjoyed finishing off the wine that I realtor enjoyed during the "open" house. I cannot wait for this contract to expire. We will be researching other realtors. This one just is not doing her job. One nice thing is that Lucy gets to enjoy her little friend a little while longer since I do not foresee us selling this house anytime soon. Lucy's friend, Zeus the Jack Russel terrier, lives across the street but we think that he's trying to move in with us. He is here all the time now and even sneaks right in when somebody opens the door and he just makes himself at home. He is cute, though.
During the "un"open house tonight, we went to the mall where Ben experienced his first ride. He liked it but I think his daddy enjoyed it more. I am posting a picture of that as well as his 9-month photo.
A really nice thing happened this week. I received a package from my friend, Pam, in Florida and it was full of clothes mostly for me and there were some things for the kids. "Auntie Pam" gave Ben is first real big boy toy, a red metal pick-up truck. She also sent him a cute outfit that he will wear next Spring. Jackie got a cute outfit, too, plus a Tampa Bay Rays baseball glove with a soft foam baseball. Thank you, "Auntie" Pam. Jackie loves her glove. It's too big right now but when I put it on her left hand where it belongs, she insisted it was on the wrong hand and that it belonged on the right hand. And Ben loves his red truck. Pam, you're a great friend and we love you.