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Saturday, September 20, 2008

What a week this has been. We still have not sold this house so we have lowered the price again. We have a lousy realtor, though. I am checking into how we can get out of the listing contract. I have been waiting for more than a week for her to call me. She likes email better but there are just some things that need to be discussed via phone. And now according to her latest email, she will be grieving for awhile because her brother-in-law died unexpectedly. I wonder what she means by awhile. Tim says to give her another week. I say fire her now!
I watched a friend's 4 children this past Thursday night for about 4 hours. Whew, thank God I just have my own 2 kids. The kids range in age from 6 years down to 13 months. Julie's husband was just deployed this week and Julie was invited to a concert Thursday night. I watched the kids here at our house but I had to lay down some rules because I did not want them to destroy my home. They have more freedom to make a mess at their house but they were not allowed that freedom here. So I made them stay in the family room where I had gates at each entry point. But everytime Tim went through a gate and left it open, it was like the flood gates were released. Those kids did not miss an opportunity to escape out of the family room. After I fed them dinner, we all went outside to play for awhile while Tim mowed the lawn. It was quite a chore, though, to keep an eye on 6 kids at one time and 2 dogs. For all you daycare providers, God bless you. Tim must really think I am super woman because he let our dog, Lucy, out of the back yard while he mowed back there. I was surprised that I still had my voice the next morning from having to shout at the dog to get back in our yard in addition to tending to all of the kids. Eight o'clock couldn't come soon enough when I was finally able to get all of the kids into bed. Whew!
I finally went yesterday and took the test to get my Illinois driver license. It was so crazy easy. I do not know how people actually fail but apparently there are some who do fail. I also registered to vote in Illinois now that we are Illinois residents. Since Jackie went to the babysitter's after school, after finishing up at the DMV office, I took Ben with me to the mall. It was so nice to be able to walk around the mall without a screaming, complaining three year old. I found some awesome bargains for the kids at Macy's and Gymboree. I really need to update my own wardrobe but everytime I try to shop for myself, I just cannot decide what I really like. Pam, I miss you, my shopping buddy. You need to come up here. Last night after Tim got home from work, Tim decided to take us to St. Louis to the hot air balloon glow. After seeing the traffic backed up for a couple of miles on both sides of the interstate, Tim decided that we weren't going to see the balloons after all and that we'll go to Trader Joe's. So off to Trader Joe's a couple more miles down the road. Then on our way home on our side of the river, we went to Dupo to watch the trains for a little while. Tim enjoys trains and often talks about getting a train set for the kids.
This morning I was able to get a 3 1/2 hour break from both of the kids. Woohoo. That was the first time that Tim has ever kept both kids for that amount of time. It was so nice to finally have time for myself. I had breakfast with my friend, Lisa. Then she and I went to drop off recyclables at the Illinois Center for Autism. Then we went to the new Target where I found some more awesome bargains. When I came home, I could tell that Tim was a little bit stressed. He stated that Ben was a handful and he finally put Ben in the swing. Poor Tim. That was just a minute taste of what I deal with on a daily basis. Bless his heart, Ben was so happy to see me. I asked Tim how Ben was such a handful and it seems that Ben was just too inquisitive and adventurous and Ben got upset everytime Tim re-directed him. And Tim often talks about me going to work and Tim staying home with the kids. Ha! Good thing Tim just jokes about it.

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