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Thursday, September 11, 2008

This past week has been incredibly busy. Last Sunday, Tim received a phone call from a co-worker who was supposed to go out of town for a conference. Unfortunately, the co-worker was ill and unable to travel so Tim had to take his place. Thus began scramble for transportation and lodging. Tim left for Washington, DC Monday morning and he was supposed to arrive home last night but his flight was delayed in Charlotte and the connecting flight was missed. So, he finally returned home this afternoon.
I was so excited to start tap dance lessons this past Tuesday. I was nervous about it because I have never taken tap dance but I thought this would be a great way to get some good exercise. And my friend, Charlotte, was going to be there. Well, Charlotte called that afternoon and informed me that it was no longer a tap class but now it was a jazz/lyrical dance class. I thought I would give it a try anyway. I had a babysitter lined up and I was dressed for it and I waited for the sitter to arrive at 8:10 that evening. Surely the sitter did not forget about me? Well, I waited a little longer and finally at 8:25, I called her house and there was no answer. Now, I was worried. I left a message saying that I hoped everything was okay. She called back a couple of minutes later and it appears that she completely forgot. I was so disappointed. I could tell the babysitter felt terrible and she even offered to come over right away since she lives just a few streets over. Unfortunately, by the time she would get here and I would get to the dance studio, class would have been half over so I told her no, that I was just going to stay home. Oh well, it was disappointing. I am going to find another place where adult tap lessons are offered.
Ben is now 9 months old. He had his well baby visit yesterday morning. I was very surprised that he weighed just 16 pounds, 10 ounces. The technician made sure the scale was balanced and weighed Ben again and the figures were unchanged. So that makes him less than 5th percentile for boys his age. His height is in the average range with 28 inches. The doctor was not happy about Ben's weight. I am not worried about it. He eats plenty but he has also become quite active lately. I think most doctors are more concerned about that growth chart than they are about each child's genetic make-up. I explained to the doctor that Ben eats quite a bit throughout the day and his sister was very petite as an infant herself. Jackie did not even weigh 16 pounds at a year old. Now Ben has to go back to the doctor in another month for a weight check.
After we left the doctor's office, the kids and I went to get the dogs some food. I bought a less expensive premium food but the dogs did not appear to like it. If Lucy does not eat something, then it must be pretty bad. So, I went back to their other more expensive food and now they are eating again. I thought cats were the finicky ones.
Later in the afternoon, Jackie had her physical therapy appointment and she did very well at listening to instructions. Last week, she lost her snack reward because she continued to misbehave during therapy. While there, Ben discovered the walking toy and he did so well walking behind it. I think he is going to be taking steps very soon. After therapy, we headed over to Jackie's dance lesson. Jackie looks so cute in her dance tights and leotard. After we left her dance lesson, I received a phone call that a potential buyer wanted to look at our house in 30 minutes. Thirty minutes?!!! Boy, was I stressed. The MLS states that we need a 2-4 hour noticed to give us time to put away toys, baby stuff, and crate up the dogs. So, I rush home to make sure the house is presentable and the dogs are crated. Then the kids and I went across the street to the neighbor's house while the house is being shown. My day yesterday was non-stop from morning until bedtime for the kids. Later I received an email with feedback from the showing earlier in the evening and the feedback said that the potential buyers did not like the floor plan.
We had another showing today but I have yet to receive feedback from it. Hopefully, it will be more positive. I really need this house to sell soon so that we can get into a house that is more baby-friendly. We looked at a single-story ranch this evening. The house was beautiful and the floor plan was terrific. The house was located in one of my favorite subdivisions but the location of this particular house helped us decide that it was not the one for us. The backyard was very tiny and it backed up to a major road. We really want our next house to be toward the back of a neighborhood, preferably in a cul-de-sac.
I took Ben for his 9-month photos today. He is such a ham. The photographer seemed to enjoy working with Ben. Ben is so easy to elicit a smile from. I will try to post some of those photos soon.
Ben had his first real taste of dog food tonight. I was so grossed out. I saw Ben moving his jaw as if he was chewing gum. That is always a sign that Ben has something foreign in his mouth. Rarely a day goes by that I am not digging something out of his mouth. Well, I saw that tell-tale sign of chewing and after digging around, I found a piece of dog food on the roof of Ben's mouth. Ben was quite upset that I took it away. He has been trying for a couple of months to get into the dog's dish and he finally succeeded tonight. And I spoiled that success for him.
I thank God for my beautiful children. They are so precious to me. I just love my family.

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