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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jackie started her dance lessons yesterday. She is taking a combo class in which they do ballet for the first half hour and then tap for the last half hour. I was so nervous that Jackie would not participate. I had taken her to a trial lesson about a month ago and she just sat there and acted too shy to do anything. But she surprised me yesterday. She went right in and sat on her "x" until her class started. She was cute in her little pink tights and leotard. The day before her lessons started, I took her shopping for her ballet slippers and tap shoes and she seemed so excited about it and I had hoped that she would be that excited in the actual class. My prayers were answered. I was so proud of her.
The students in Jackie's class at school each have notebooks in which the teacher writes notes for each day about the student and the parents are encouraged to also write notes. Today she came home and after lunch, I read her teacher's note and Mrs. Wafer wrote that Jackie told her that she flew a kite at home. Yes, it's true that she and Daddy flew her Dora kite but that was back in May. It's incredible what she remembers and the time she remembers such events. She still talks about the time we took Lucy to the base pool a year ago. She is so precious and she is growing up so quickly.
She had gymnastics today. Now she has taken gymnastics for nearly a year and every week, she just sits there and watches all the other students do their warm-up exercises. She just wanted to do the other activities. Well, today for the first time, she actually participated in the warm-up time. I was surprised and so proud of her. She did great on all the activities throughout the entire hour. I just love how gymnastics is helping to not only build up her strength but also her confidence.
Ben is growing up so very fast. He is such a fast crawler. And very curious. This morning after Jackie left for school, I was upstairs getting changed and Ben was crawling around exploring his world. I realized that I had not seen him for a few moments so I went looking for him and found him in the hall bathroom where he was busy making a mess of all my stuff that I keep under the sink. He had my make-up sponge in his mouth and he was surrounded by various other "girlie" objects. Everytime I took the sponge away, he would grab it back from me and proceed to put it back in his mouth. It either tasted good or it felt good in his mouth. I'm glad that he did not figure out how to open my lipstick. He tried, though. I already went through that with Jackie. Last night, he discovered Jackie's play vacuum cleaner and that is now one of his favorite toys. I think he likes how it sounds like it is really vacuuming. He saw it again today and was so excited about it. Maybe that's a sign that he will be my helper boy around here.
I just love my children so very much and I thank God every day for them. He is good!

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