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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hello! I hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend. It turned out to be a hot day here. I can't wait for the weather to start to cool down to the 70s.
Jackie is getting so good at riding her bike. Her daddy bought her a Thomas & Friends bike a few months ago but Jackie had difficulty learning to ride it without the constant braking. She is finally able to keep the forward movement going. Last Thursday she rode her bike a couple of blocks with just a little assistance. Then Daddy took her out over the weekend and she rode her bike for very long distance for such a little girl. Her left leg still gets fatigued but her strength is improving greatly.
Today when she came home from school, she told me all about her school day. I am amazed at how far she has come with her speech. Today she told me that she loves Ms. Coombs (her SLP) and that Ms. Coombs worked with her today. I asked her if she also loves her teacher, Mrs. Wafer and her assistant, Ms. Lisa and Jackie said that she loves Mrs. Wafer & Ms. Lisa. She also said that Ms. Peggy (her school PT) said Hi to her. It was such a nice day with Jackie and she was so conversational. Until, that is, we hung out in my bedroom while Ben took a nap. I let Jackie write with a pencil on a piece of paper. She was warned not to write anywhere else but on the paper. A short time later, I discovered that she took it upon herself to leave a design in pencil on my nightstand. So she was reprimanded for that. Other than that, we had good behavior today. It made for an easier day. Daddy came home and after we finished an early dinner, he headed out to his class in Granite City. Since Jackie was on her best behavior today, I decided to venture out with her and go shopping for her dance shoes. We got her ballet slippers and tap shoes at Payless Shoes where they had a buy one, get one for half price sale going on. Jackie was so excited to try on those tap shoes. I certainly hope she cooperates tomorrow when she starts her first dance lesson. She does get somewhat shy around new people and will refuse to participate.
Ben is growing so quickly. He has been so good about sleeping throught the night these past couple of weeks. Tonight after he finished his dinner, I placed a handful of cheerios on his tray so he could snack while I got the kitchen cleaned up. After awhile, I realized he was so quiet and when I looked at him, he had fallen asleep. He had taken only a couple of micro-naps today so he was a tired boy.

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