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Saturday, September 27, 2008


Jackie cut her hair again. And she did a pretty good job, too. I was in the office packing stuff for storage and when I went into the bathroom, the first thing I saw was a bunch of hair about 4 inches long. I froze for a moment in panic before calling Jackie into the bathroom. Thankfully, it was not noticeable where she cut the hair off. I really think she aspires to be a singing hair stylist. She loves to sing and she loves to play with hair. She has the voice of an angel and for her age, she sounds really good and on key most of the time. She is so creative and makes up words to familiar tunes. It is quite funny sometimes because some of her made-up lyrics include events or conversations that recently happened. She really is a special little girl and as difficult as she is at times, I love her fiercely.
Ben is changing on a daily basis. He really is looking so grown up now. He is standing up at times but when he realizes that he is standing on his own, he loses confidence and immediately gets back down on all fours. He is climbing into and onto everything. He climbed the stairs all by himself last Thursday night. I went to make a quick trip sans children to Target and then Petsmart. Ben is still quite the momma's boy. Apparently he missed me right away after I left so he climbed the stairs in search of me. Tim did not realize that Ben had climbed the stairs by himself and when Tim found Ben, Ben was upstairs already and going from room to room in search of his momma. Phew!! When Tim told me about that, my heart sank for a moment from the thought of Ben falling down the stairs and hurting his head. But all is well and hopefully Tim will keep a better eye on Ben next time.
I finally got my Illinois driver license and I registered to vote as an Illinois resident last Friday. Since Jackie went to the babysitter after school, I went to the mall with Ben to return something at JCPenney. Since I was at the mall without a whining toddler, I decided to do some shopping and I found some fantastic buys at Macy's. While I was paying for my items, the salesgirl had a panicked look while looking at Ben. I looked down at Ben and there he was standing in the stroller leaning over the tray. He figured out how to slip out of the straps! So I get him settled back into the stroller and get on my way to do some more mall walking and Ben slipped out of the straps and stood up again. He did the same thing when I walked with my neighbor and her infant son. I think I need to get a 5-point harness stroller but I know that will make Ben angry if he can't move forward in the stroller to look around. We have to be careful to keep things out of reach that he can climb upon. He climbed up on Jackie's step stool in the bathroom and stood up against the counter just like Jackie does when she brushes her teeth. He has no fear until he falls. His new fascination this week is the toilet. The toilet lids here must stay shut lest Ben starts swishing his hand around in the water. I try to keep the doors closed but with a nearly 4-year old girl, it is difficult to stay on top of everything. One day this past week, Jackie was on the potty while I was putting laundry away. Ben was crawling around in my bedroom but while I was putting laundry away, he decided to explore further. After a moment, I heard Jackie whining and sounding frustrated. I went into the bathroom and there was Jackie standing in front of the toilet with her pants at her ankles and Ben was playing in the toilet. I quickly went to pick up Ben and discovered that he was going to need more than a hand washing. He needed a good scrubbing. I don't need to say more. Hehehe. Thankfully he did not do what my fellow December mom's son did which was actually eat a piece of pee toilet paper. Ewww! I caught Ben in time.
Today was spent dismantling and packing stuff for storage. We have not gotten any offers on the house, yet. We will be doing an open house next Wednesday evening. Hopefully, with the lower price, we can sell this house soon. I am anxious to get into a single story house and with a basement. I am so sick of these stairs. I have also found it to be more difficult to keep the house clean and organized than when I had a single level home. And with Ben climbing and almost walking everywhere, I really fear him falling down those dreaded stairs. We will never buy another 2-story home.

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