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Friday, August 29, 2008

We had another house showing today and we already got feedback. The potential buyers did not like the floor plan although the house showed well. I hate this house and I really dislike the realtor who pressured us into buying this house. Oh Lord, please hear our prayers and bring the right buyers for this house. I am so ready to get into a single level home especially for the sake of the kids. Last night, we were upstairs and Ben climbed on top of a toy to get to the gate that we set up at the top of the stairs.
I'm afraid Ben is going to make my heart sink much more than his sister did. He is climbing onto everything. If he had not been supervised last night, he would have gone over the top of the gate and down the stairs. This evening while I was putting detergent in the dishwasher, Ben came crawling over at top speed and promptly climbed on top of the door and just sat there proud like he made a big accomplishment. Tonight under Daddy's watchful eye, Ben climbed all the way up the stairs by himself. He is growing up too quickly.
Jackie is doing well, too. She went to gymnastics class earlier in the evening and Daddy went to his class at SWIC. After we came home from gymnastics, I walked Ben in the wagon and let Jackie ride her bike. I am so proud of Jackie because she rode her bike for a couple of blocks all by herself. I love my kids so much and I am especially proud of Jackie for all the accomplishments that she has made.

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