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Saturday, August 23, 2008


I think Ben has pica. Seriously I know he does not have pica but he has a way of finding the smallest foreign object to put into his mouth. I scooped out two tiny pieces of foam out of his mouth this afternoon. He loves paper and I cannot tell you how many times I have scooped paper out of his mouth. I do not remember Jackie putting these types of material in her mouth. I know Ben has found something when I see him moving his jaw as if he is chewing gum. I keep things out of his reach but he still manages to find things that he should not have. The foam pieces came off of a pad that attaches to his sister's orthotic. It appears our dog, Lucy, may have gotten ahold of that pad and chewed the small pieces off and left them on the floor for Ben to find. I know Lucy has pica. She loves to eat paper and napkins. Maybe Ben learned that nasty habit from Lucy.

Today, I had a little success with time-out on Jackie. Surprisingly, she actually stayed in the chair where I put her for time-out with very little whining. Jackie is a very strong-willed little girl and lately we have been having difficulty with some behavior issues and discipline. I pray that she will use the strong will for good. Her physical therapist, Julie, pointed out that some of Jackie's behavior issues may be due in part the fact that Jackie has not had a typical toddlerhood. Her life has been filled with appointments to specialists, therapists, tests, surgery, etc. Julie does have a good point. I often wonder if Jackie would be this way if the accident had not happened when she was 6 weeks old. Of course, we'll never know. I need to just count on God to help me get through this time in Jackie's life and ask for guidance in disciplining and loving her.

I signed Jackie up for dance and gymnastics. Gymnastics started again last night and dance starts in a couple of weeks.

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