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Monday, August 25, 2008

Lucy visited the vet this morning for her shots and heartworm blood test which came back negative. Lucy has such a high pitch voice that Tim could hear her from his truck behind me. I had Lucy in the back of the SUV in a crate. I was somewhat worried about what the gate guard on base would think when he heard all the noise. Last year at this time, I stopped at the gate to show my ID and when I looked in the back, there is Lucy sitting in Jackie's car seat. That dog never ceases to humor me. I should take you back to the time when I was traveling with Jackie and I took Lucy with us. I kept smelling something bad and at the next rest stop, I stopped to change Jackie's diaper thinking that was the problem. Only thing was, Jackie was clean. So, back in the car and back on the road we go. Every now and then, I kept smelling that horrible smell. Now I'm thinking that Jackie has bad flatulence. That is until Lucy thought she found something on the passenger floorboard. There she is with her front legs and head/nose to the floor and her hind legs on the seat with her butt up in the air. Then I got a whiff of it. That horrible smell. Ugghh. Between that and her neurotic activity, I was so tempted to look for the nearest animal shelter and call Tim to go get her. We still laugh about it.
Jackie starts school tomorrow. Her teacher came by today to visit Jackie and get her re-aquainted. Jackie decided to show Mrs. Wafer her bedroom. So we go upstairs and Jackie tried to steer Mrs. Wafer to get her Little People out of my closet. The Little People were confiscated a couple of days ago for disobedience. Jackie thought she was being sly by trying to get somebody else to get them for her. Funny girl! Then I was reminded how quickly Ben is growing up. I was upstairs for just a minute or two to make sure Mrs. Wafer knew Jackie's room was and when I went to go check on Ben, he was already coming up the stairs and was on the 4th step. Whew! That was close. He is just growing too quickly. I am really trying to cherish these times with my children because time flies by so quickly.

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