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Friday, August 15, 2008

In the Beginning

I decided to start a blog to share family happenings with our family and friends. I'll start by giving some background about our family. My husband, Tim, and I were married on February 16,2002 at MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida. We were transferred to Scott AFB, IL (located @16 miles east of St. Louis) in August, 2004. Three months later, our beautiful daughter, Jacqueline Faith was born on November 1, 2004. I never knew such love until she was born and I was able to hold her for the first time. She was a challenge, though, with having colic for several months. On top of that, she suffered a brain injury when a visiting relative fell asleep while holding Jackie and dropped her. She suffered a brain bleed but we were told that because it was a small area, she should not have any long-term effects from it. Unfortunately, around age 4 months, we noticed that Jackie was not using her left arm and hand and a couple of months later, her doctor ordered an MRI which showed that Jackie was indeed affected by the brain injury which resulted in her experiencing a delay in her motor skill development. Physical and Occupational therapies were started when she was around 9 months old. Speech therapy started approximately 20 months old. She has done phenomenally well since receiving these services through the Early Intervention program in Illinois. She underwent her first foot surgery at the age of 23 months. She will need further foot surgery in the future. After Jackie graduated from the EI program at age 3 years, she was evaluated for the Early Childhood program. Jackie started school in January, 2008 and she loved it. Over the past 3 years, Jackie has brought much joy and of course, frustration into our lives. She is very strong-willed but she is also a very sweet and loving little girl. She keeps me very busy with all her appointments and activities. On the recommendation of her physical therapist, Jackie started doing gymnastics last year and she loves it. For this Fall we signed her up for dance classes in addition to gymnastics.
We believed that Jackie would be our only child until we discovered in April, 2007 that we were expecting another baby. Needless to say, we were quite shocked and did not tell anybody until I was more than 3 months along in the pregnancy. Benjamin James was born on December 10, 2007 and we are so happy that he joined our family. Both of my children are true miracles from God and I feel so blessed to have them. This is coming from somebody who swore that she was never getting married and never having children.
These past several months have been a whirlwind of events. Ben was born in December, Jackie started school in January. Tim filed his papers to retire from the USAF in February and he officially retired May 1st of this year. Tim was offered a job back in January upon his retirement from the Air Force. So after prayer and consideration, we felt that it was the right time for separating from the Air Force. The job that was offered to Tim is the same job he was doing as Active Duty except now he is a civilian contractor. It isn't his dream job but for now, it is where God has placed him.
Bear with me as I get the hang of this blogging.

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